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DANESSIEN Consult is a sustainable development conscious firm that provides services ranging over management consulting, research, policy formulation and analysis and project implementation. We specialize in an integrated and multifaceted consulting approach combining technical and managerial competencies. The company is registered as a limited liability company under the Companies Act, 1963(Act 179) beginning its operation on June 1, 2016.

Developing an interdisciplinary and solution-based thinking for problems relating to environmental degradation, resource management, resource efficiency, corporate responsibility, energy and environmental management, finance and investment, sustainable management and reporting, sustainability entrepreneurship, waste management and recycling, innovation policy, consumption and production, trade and business development is key to achieving our mission. Sustainable solutions to these problems are the need of the hour to ensure that our future generations live in a better environment in order to improve standard of living and build shared prosperity.

DANESSIEN Consult works closely with governments, the private sector, civil society groups , multilateral banks (WB, AfDB, ADB) and /or bi-lateral donors (DFID, USAID, EU,MCC), etc. to analyze the challenges that confront the sustainability of lives and to design and strengthen programmes to ensure economic growth, poverty reduction and rural livelihoods taking into account sustainable development.

We work to achieve a sustainable development of human life on our finite planet responding to the increasing concerns threatening our habitat: inefficiency, scarcity and vulnerability. We work to balance the carrying capacity of natural systems and their challenges, considering the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainable development.


Our vision is to generate solutions among the three pillars of sustainable development and business sustainability in both, the local and global context— which are emerging areas in the field of research and development.


Our company’s foundation is built on our values which distinguish us and guide our actions with the sole aim of providing our clients with excellent services.
  • Professionalism:We think globally when acting locally. We therefore provide services that meet international standard.
  • Creativity:We are not afraid to think outside the box by applying a common sense approach to deliver significant solutions.
  • Innovation:We are strategic in our planning but tactical in our execution to deliver long-term sustainable solutions.
  • Quality:We evaluate our services against standard operating procedures and policies.
  • Teamwork:We believe that cooperation is better than competition in order to attain credibility and implementation pathways to quickly deliver our services.


Our mission is to work with our clients and partners to formulate outstanding solutions with long-term sustainable impacts by successfully harnessing a competent team of international experts of high quality from different disciplines.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals) offer a new framework against which DANESSIEN Consult aligns, measures and explains its actions to operate more responsibly and deliver positive social, environmental and economic impacts.

DANESIEN Consult`s principle of operation is based on the belief that in the issues of development, cooperation is better than competition. We have a vision that strong network with strategic and value chain partners are essential for us to achieve our mission and objectives. The approach to this is the creation of a network of partners.

We believe there is always a gap between policies, programmes and projects in Africa; hence the need to build strong institutions to fill this gap cannot be overlooked. Independent think tank and public policy consultancies in Africa have a strategic role to play in Africa’s sustainable development agenda. Thus, there is the dire need for skilled human resources and indigenous research capacity on the continent. DANESSIEN Consult wants to be the critical link to bridge these gaps. Our competent team of international experts from different disciplines offer valuable options to policymakers to shape the future that we want by turning the ideas of today into viable solutions through a sustainable approach.

DANESSIEN Consult’s defining strengths is the diversity of our services and fields of expertise. Our company recognizes different market segments so as to customise our services in light of different needs. Thus, we diversify in order to multiply. Other enviable advantage is the many business contacts and links among the management group.


Daniel Kofi Essien

Chief Executive Officer


David Kwabena Essien

Director of Operations/ Project Manager


Peter Kwabena Essien

Director, Policy and Research


Patrick Atouda

Business Associate
(Francophone Countries)


Peter Welch

Business Associate
(Public Financial Management)


Louis Kwamena Wonkye

Junior Project Manager